Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reader Questions

Heisman Week Reader Questions


      First off,  I will be looking for some apologies from some of you out there..... In my last post, I broke down why I thought Saban would be headed for Austin, Texas. The back-lash was pretty rough. I received numerous emails saying that I was crazy for buying into the rumors that Saban is considering Texas..... Well, the rumors are starting to gain traction, and I have to admit, I have seen the early signs of panic among some of the Crimson Tide fan base. On the other side, however, if Saban stays at BAMA, I will gladly apologize to Crimson Tide Nation for insulting your program with this.....
     Let me get some details straight..... Many fans out there went ahead and assumed that Alabama came up with a revised contract for Nick Saban to stay at Alabama. This may be true, but guess what? He hasn't signed it..... And on the other side of that rumor? Well, Alabama has denied that this revised contract is even real. Isn't it a little alarming to BAMA fans that when Alabama reps were taking questions about this, they simply replied with, "We are focused on the Sugar Bowl, and Coach Saban is focused on recruiting and the Sugar Bowl." Guess where Saban happened to be recruiting this week? According sources at ESPN, and various others, Nick Saban is in Texas on the recruiting trail...... Hmmmm Yeah, that's interesting.
    Okay, let me get to your questions and thoughts.
Tavares in Alabama writes: Interesting blog. It's nice to see something that isn't mainstream media based.... Usually that means you will give points for both sides. So my thoughts about Saban leaving my Tide for the Shorthorns..... Not going to happen. He has too much going for him at Alabama. He has built an amazing program. Why would he throw that away to have to start over in Texas of all places?
    Yeah, I'm getting a few emails like yours, Tavares. However, I wouldn't be so sure. Saban could get a press conference and tell the world he isn't leaving Alabama..... I still wouldn't believe it, #MiamiDolphins. So, let the story continue to unfold..... And if he stays..... Then oh well, it made a fun few days, weeks, or months of speculation. My question for everyone now is, If Texas doesn't get Saban, then who do they get? Oh and fresh off the wire...... I received this info just as I was putting this post together..... ESPN is reporting that AJ McCarron has released a statement. "Coach Saban told me he is staying at Alabama." It's nice to get these kind of updates at just the right time.
VOLbleedsORANGE writes: I have two things. First, I think Saban may end up staying. Sure, being a Vols fan, I would like to see him leave, but I think he has found a place to settle. Second, my Heisman list: 1. Winston 2. AJ McCarron 3. Jordan Lynch. Thanks and GO VOLS!
    From what just came down the wire from ESPN, it sure looks like Saban is staying. Again, I won't believe it until Texas has a new head coach. As far as your Heisman list goes.... I like it. Jordan Lynch might be the most underrated. And that happens mainly because he plays in a bad conference.  McCarron is only on this list because Mariota fell off the face of the earth AND because some people are starting to look at what he has achieved over his entire career at Alabama.... Last I checked, it's what you've done in the current season. I think you could replace McCarron pretty easily. That being said, it's nice that he got an invite.... He really has accomplished a lot over the years.... Maybe that's why he got the honorable invite?
 Anonymous writes: You are not crazy, but you are getting close. Saban isn't going anywhere. Alabama won't let him. They will throw as much money or more at him than Texas. Heisman pick: Winston means the most to his team. As much as I would like McCarron to win it, I think Saban could plug almost any QB into his offense and still put up the same average numbers. Without Winston, FSU has the same season they had a year ago. He hasn't been charged, the case is closed.... Voters shouldn't hold that against him. It's his to lose. Congrats to your Noles and Winston on a great season.
    Whew! I thought I was feeling a little crazy. Lets just see how this plays out. I mean, if Texas has known for months that Mack Brown is stepping down, don't you think that a program like Texas already knows who their next guy is? And let's face it, It has to be a proven guy. It has to be a big name coach for Texas fans to accept the change, right? I'm hearing names like Jimbo Fisher, Mike Tomlin, and Jim Harbaugh.... Slow down just a minute.... Why would any of those guys leave? Coach Fisher just signed a new deal that puts him in the $4 million+  per year. And the other two guys? TWO NFL GUYS? One who coaches the Stealers? The other has been very successful with the 49ers? Yeah, those two guys aren't going anywhere. So, please throw some real candidates out there.....  The next guy has to be bigger than Jimbo Fisher.... Either a high profile NFL guy like Gruden, or a high profile college coach like........ Urban Meyer.... Nope, he isn't leaving either. And I think we have all figured out that Gruden isn't going to coach in college either. Whew! I chased that rabbit for awhile..... I agree 100% with your Heisman pick. FSU might not have 10 wins without Winston. He is dominant and consistent. He is a natural leader.
    Thanks for the questions and comments everyone. More to come over the next week or so.... Bowl Game predictions.... Heisman discussion tomorrow.... And of course keeping an eye on the Texas coaching situation...

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