Monday, December 1, 2014

Conference Championships

Conference Championship Week


  So much is riding on this year's conference championships. I have said from the beginning that this season would make history. So far, it appears as though I was right. This season has seen so much intensity, and much of it can be attributed to the new college football playoff formula. We saw intense rivalry games in week 14, but even those games had another level of intensity. The pressure to stay ranked within the top four has mounted, thus making conference championship week that much more intense (especially with the committee's emphasis they claim they will put on conference winners). 

    Here we are, the 2014 regular season has come to a close, and all that remains are conference championships. This week will deliver what we all have been waiting for since the day we heard that the playoff was going to be implemented. Who is in? Who is out? Who falls this week? Who rises? All these questions will soon be answered. And when the dust settles, will it be the right four teams? Or will we look back on this season as just an experimental season with the new playoff? 

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Week 14

It's Rivalry Week!


   Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday. Of course, Thanksgiving is about the family and food.... and being thankful, right? Well yeah, but what would it be like without RIVALRY GAMES??? Yes, Thanksgiving is great!!

   So, here it is, the final week of the regular season.

South Carolina at Clemson
   Who doesn't enjoy watching and listening to Spurrier and Dabo talk about each other? I thought so. This game is purely for the bragging rights. No conference championship implications, no playoff implications, this is just purely for the bragging rights. Clemson has struggled the back half of the season and I believe they will continue to struggle in this game. If Deshaun Watson can't stay healthy in this game, it could get ugly for Clemson. Cole Stoudt has had his bright moments, and his very dark moments, but if he is called upon this game he can't afford to struggle much in this game. On the other side, South Carolina has had its struggles this season on defense. The Gamecock's defense has not been what we have come to expect from South Carolina, and that has cost them in a few games this season. This game should be close for about a half, but I see South Carolina pulling away in the second half.
My Pick: South Carolina 31 Clemson 17.

Kentucky at Louisville
    Pure bragging rights on the line here. Louisville has looked very good at times this season. Kentucky hasn't looked so good this season, even though they improved from last season. The Wildcats started the season 5-1 and had a very promising season well in hand until losing five straight games had derailed their season. I believe that Louisville is still a much better team and as long as Petrino has his team focused, the Cardinals should roll in this game.
My Pick: Louisville 37 Kentucky 17

Michigan at Ohio State
    Who wants to play Ohio State right now? Any takers? The Buckeyes might just be the most improved team in the nation (since the start of the season). J.T. Barret has quietly moved up in the Heisman discussion, and this team looks like they are on a mission. Can Michigan keep it close and pull the upset? Can Brady Hoke get an emotional win over Ohio State before he's done at Michigan? Sorry, Wolverine fans..... but no. Ohio State is playing too well right now, and they won't let this game ruin their season.
My Pick: Ohio State 42 Michigan 20

Mississippi State at Ole Miss
    The "Egg Bowl". At one time this season, we all were circling this match-up as it looked like it would be #1 vs #2. It would've been interesting, no doubt, but reality set in for one team, and the other dropped a game to Alabama. Bo Wallace has had his struggles, and the Rebels haven't had that magic they seemed to have early in the season. Mississippi State on the other hand, may have had some close calls and a tough loss to Alabama, but they still look like they have some unfinished business. And they still have something to play for, (other than just bragging rights) unlike Ole Miss. Miss State is still playing for a chance at the SEC Championship (if Alabama falls to Auburn, of course) and they are still alive in the Playoff picture, for now.  
My Pick: Mississippi State 27 Ole Miss 20

Auburn at Alabama
    Big game here, for Alabama. A win for the Crimson Tide clinches the SEC West and a shot at the SEC Championship, a loss (as long as Miss State wins) takes them out of the SEC Title hunt, and more than likely, the College Football Playoffs. For Auburn? Well, this is bragging rights. This is for all the times they heard "ROLL TIDE!!"  Yeah, Auburn would love nothing more than to ruin their hated rival's season on the last game of the regular season. But let's get something straight. Alabama is at HOME, and the Crimson Tide have looked unbeatable at home this season. Auburn has to play a perfect game if they want to come out on top in this game, and I don't see that happening. Alabama has had this game circled for an entire year. When Alabama fans and players take a 'second' to think about last year's game, it makes them sick. Alabama is looking for some revenge this year, and I believe they will get it.
My Pick: Alabama 28 Auburn 21

Georgia Tech at Georgia
     Georgia no longer has a chance at the SEC Championship game, as Missouri has clinched the SEC East for the second straight season. Look for that to have a lingering affect on Georgia. Mix that in with having to stop an offense like Georgia Tech's? Yep, it could be an ugly game. I think Georgia Tech will give Georgia all they can handle, but at the end of the day, the game is being played in Athens and I think that will be the difference in the game. 
My Pick: Georgia 24 Georgia Tech 21.

Florida at Florida State
    This is the game of the year for the Gators. FSU has so much riding on this game. Whereas the Gators have nothing to lose. Bragging rights, ruining your rival's season, and sending your coach out with a victory over the only undefeated team in the country? Yeah, this game will be a good one. Muschamp is on his way out at UF, but he can still give Gator fans that one key victory that can save a disappointing season. Every team that has played FSU this season has given them their best shot, and many of them had two weeks to prepare for FSU. And in this case, it's safe to say, UF has had two weeks to prep for FSU, as well. But all season long, other team's best shot wasn't good enough to finish off the Noles led by Winston. This won't be just UF's best shot, this will be UF's best shot and then some. It's a rivalry game, and it's a chance to ruin everything FSU has achieved this season. The last time FSU lost? Yep, that's right, it was to the Gators two years ago in Tallahassee. It's FSU against the Nation, no doubt. Every week, the entire country is rooting against FSU. This week, it won't be any different. I've picked against the Noles one time this season, and it was Notre Dame. They've found ways to win all season long, so how could we expect anything different this week? Well, this isn't just any game. This isn't just any opponent. This is a Gator team that shocked the nation against Georgia a few weeks ago. This is a Gator team that is hungry to give their season meaning. And that is why I must make my pick this week........................
My Pick: Florida Gators 24 Florida State 34 (You didn't really think I would pick the Gators, did you?)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 13

Week 13 Key Games and Picks


   The college football regular season is nearing its end. November has presented college football fans with some of the greatest football we've seen in years. The College Football Play-Off is to thank for most of that excitement. But here we are in week 13, and it looks like the streak of great games has ended. Of course we all knew it was coming, as we eyed the 2014 schedule and saw games such as Alabama vs Western Carolina, Georgia vs Charleston Southern, Auburn vs Samford, and Florida vs Eastern Kentucky.... Oh and don't forget, South Carolina hosting South Alabama. The SEC is notorious for scheduling such games in the month of November, and it truly hurts college football as a whole. 

    I have no problem with the SEC scheduling these games..... It's the timing in which they are scheduled that I have a problem with. While the rest of the country and other conferences get criticism from many SEC fans for playing these games early in the season, I for one would rather see these games played early in the season. Play the FCS and meaningless games early, and don't ruin the most exciting month of college football. While other teams from around the country beat themselves up and schedule better games down the stretch, the SEC gets a pass this week. That is, until next week.....

   Nonetheless, there are still some good games out there to watch this weekend.

   Kansas State at West Virginia

   This may not have much meaning in terms of the play-off race, but this will be an entertaining game to watch. I would say that BIG-12 Football this season has been underestimated. West Virginia improved greatly from their first game this season and they have proven they can play with the best of them. Kansas State has missed their chances this season a couple times. A tough loss to Auburn earlier in the season had to play with the emotions of this team.  A fan or not of these teams, watch this game and you can see that there is some great football being played in the BIG-12.
My Pick: West Virginia 41 Kansas State 31

   Louisville at Notre Dame

   Notre Dame has spun out of control since their loss to Florida State. This would be a nice game to rebound, but it will be a real struggle. Golson has been a turnover machine in his last five games (or for the whole season, for that matter). That doesn't set up well for the Irish going up against one of the best defensive units in the country. The Cardinals have been brilliant at forcing turnovers, so look for this game to come down to who wins the turnover battle. And, WOW! What a disaster of a season it has turned out to be for Notre Dame, and a loss here will just make things worse.
My Pick: Louisville 34  Notre Dame 21

    Missouri at Tennessee

    This is a sneaky good game. Tennessee has found a pretty good spark with Dobbs at QB, and suddenly this team looks like they are really building some momentum. The question for UT this week, though, can they block out the distractions? Sexual assault allegations have come out earlier this week and Butch Jones is paying close attention to the situation. Outside of that, the Vols only have to deal with key injuries on both sides of ball. So, yeah.... nothing at all for the Vols to worry about this week.... And maybe the fact that they are hosting the SEC East leader this week. Tennessee is also trying to become bowl eligible. No pressure this week, then right? Outside of Tennessee's side of the story, a lot is riding on this game for Missouri. The Tigers must win out their SEC schedule to make it back-to-back SEC East Champions. Georgia fans will be tuned into this game, no doubt, as a loss for the Tigers puts Georgia in the SEC Championship game. 
My Pick: Tennessee 27 Missouri 24.

    Arizona at Utah

    The battle in the PAC-12 continues. Arizona must win out to makes its case to have a shot at Oregon. Utah has had a great season and it should be noted that the PAC-12 has a pretty good season as well. Arizona has looked brilliant at times during the season (mostly when they beat Oregon on the road), and they will need to play well in this game to come up with the big win on the road. Utah is a dangerous team, and if Arizona isn't focused, look for Utah to capitalize on the mistakes of Arizona.
My Pick: Utah 31 Arizona 28

     Boston College at Florida State 

     Sure, it's just Boston College, but don't think for one minute that they won't play their best game of the season right here and now.  The Eagles have the ingredients it takes to frustrate a team like FSU. They can run the ball and play hard nose defense. When you can do both of those things, it slows the game down. Look for Boston College to frustrate the Seminoles on 'Senior Night' in Tallahassee. For Florida State, the Seminoles would sure like to start fast and control this game from start to finish. Honestly, if the Noles play to their potential then they will be able to do just that. But as history has shown us this season, the Noles like to live dangerously. Regardless of a fast or slow start, I don't see the Noles losing this game. My Pick: Florida State 38 Boston College 20. 

     USC at UCLA 

     Yes, a good rivalry game that has been pretty heated over the last few seasons and this game looks like it will be a good one. Both teams are battling for position in the PAC-12 South. This will be a very pivotal game and a win will bring one of these teams that much closer to winning the PAC-12 South division. The Trojans are certainly gaining momentum this season but still lack what it takes to win the big games in the PAC-12, but in rivalry games, ANYTHING could happen. UCLA has been up and down this season and somehow they just refuse to be irrelevant. 
My Pick: UCLA 34 USC 24

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Week 11 Key Games

Week 11 Key Games and Picks


  Week 11 is here, and the action is going to continue to heat up each week from here on into Conference Championship Week in December. Every week will help shape the first ever College Football Playoff. November is #EliminationMonth. So who is in this week and who is out? 

   #7 Kansas State at #6 TCU 

  This is a huge game for the Big-12 Conference. Obviously, the conference championship is on the line for both teams, but more importantly, the loser is eliminated from having a chance at the College Football Playoff. Defense will be key in this game, and Kansas State has proven they have a very solid defense. This is a game where the Wildcats defense will need to play one of their best games. TCU's offense has proven time and time again that they can overcome early struggles.... So they will push Kansas State to their limit in this game. TCU being at home will be a huge factor as well. I like what TCU has been able to do so far this season, but I like Kansas State's defensive ability more.... And that's where I think it will be decided. 
My Pick: Kansas State wins a close battle that comes down to defense in the 4th qtr.

    #14 Ohio State at #8 Michigan State

  Ohio State would love to have some revenge against the Spartans this year for what happened between these two teams last season. (Michigan State stunned Ohio State in the Big-10 Championship game, which took Ohio State out of the championship discussion.) This season, if Michigan State wins out, the Spartans are a likely choice for the College Football Playoff. If Ohio State wins this game and the rest of the way, their chances of making the playoff are not as great due to their loss earlier in the season to a bad Virginia Tech team. So, Michigan State clearly has more riding on this game, and playing at home, I would expect a very focused and determined team. The Buckeyes have improved since their loss earlier this season, but are they better than Michigan State? That's the question, and I am not ready to buy into Ohio State just yet. Michigan State's defense is the X-Factor in this game. 
My Pick: Michigan State, Defense and sustaining drives will be the difference in this game.

    #5 Alabama at #16 LSU
 Let's not read too far into this matchup. While LSU has managed to get a couple key wins this season, the fact remains that this is one of the worst LSU teams we have seen in the last decade. Their defense plays well sometimes, but their offense has yet to show anything special. In fact, LSU has become very one dimensional on offense. They can run the ball, but I don't think that's going to be enough against Alabama. The only chance I can give LSU in this game is if Blake Sims has a horrible game. It's possible, as proven last week when LSU was able to force "Bad Bo" to show up for Ole Miss. More is riding on Blake Sims in this game, and if Alabama falls in this game, the Crimson Tide are OUT of the playoff, regardless if they win the rest of their games. The storyline for Alabama in this game will be all about Blake Sims. His struggles on the road are nothing to ignore, and believe me, LSU will try to get in his head early in this game.
My Pick: Alabama, I believe the Tide will get an early lead in this game and that will be too much for a bad LSU offense to play catch-up with a much better Alabama defense.

    #1 Mississippi State hosting UT MARTIN

 Yep, this is a real match-up. Nope, it's not week one or week two.... It's November and this is a real match-up for the #1 team in the nation. 

    #4 Oregon at #17 Utah

  This might be a sneaky good game to watch..... the key word being might. Oregon has a lot riding on this game, much like Michigan State vs Ohio State.... The Ducks have the PAC-12 Title to play for, and, of course, the College Football Playoff. While I respect Utah for what they have accomplished this season, I don't think they have the firepower to hang with Oregon. The Ducks have been more focused after their loss to Arizona earlier this season. Marcus Mariota is playing some of his best football and I think he has finally stepped into that leadership role for the Ducks. The team rallies around him and feeds off of his energy. This may be a road game for Oregon, but I don't think that will bother them much in this game.
My Pick: Oregon, Once the Ducks' offense gets rolling, it's hard to stop, and it's even harder to catchup with them.

    #10 Notre Dame at #9 Arizona State

  Another great match-up that will eliminate another team from being able to get into the College Football Playoff. This is exactly the kind of game college football fans like to see this late in the season. No matter which team wins this game, I think the winner will still need a little bit of help to get into the College Football Playoff. Now, this matchup, Notre Dame has looked a little flat in some recent games, especially against Navy. However, when the Irish play in a big game, they seem to focus and play better football. We will see if they can continue that trend when they play AT Arizona State. This will be a fun game to watch and I think the Sun Devils have a real shot at winning this game. Make no mistake about this game.... Arizona State may be favored, but Notre Dame will give them all they can handle, and then some. The Sun Devils will need to play some of their best football to win this game.
My Pick: Notre Dame, Their ability to play well on the road in big games will pay off against Arizona State.

    #12 Baylor at #15 Oklahoma

  If Baylor wins this game, that brings them one step closer to their goals this season, but again, I think they need some help to sneak into the College Football Playoff. A loss for Baylor will end their hopes at making the playoff. Oklahoma still has some fight left in them. Since there isn't a Big-12 Championship, every conference game matters, and of course, if some pieces fall the right way, Oklahoma could find themselves back in the hunt for winning the Big-12. The X-Factor in this game will be the Baylor offense. Their offense can score a lot of points and score them fast. If Oklahoma isn't careful in this game, they could find themselves playing catch-up. Baylor can close games out with quick scores in the 4th qtr, So Bob Stoops better have his defense ready.
My Pick: Oklahoma, Defense will be the difference in this game, and I think the Sooners can control the tempo by keeping Baylor's offense off the field.

   Enjoy the games this weekend. Every week the rest of the season will have great games and #EliminationGames. 

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 11

Elimination Games Dominate the Month of November


   Here we are, November has arrived. This time, the feeling is a bit different than what we are used to in the month of November during the college football season. This time, it's not about the top two teams, or the point spread to see who jumps who based on who they beat week to week. No, this time it comes down to the top twelve teams in the country. Gone are the days of a flawed computer system influenced by multiple polls and formulas to decide on the "top" two teams to play for it all. 
    So it's as simple as that, right? No BCS system, so it's going to be easy to get down to the top four, right? Well, that's what many may hope, and it appears as though the situation will take care of itself. With a large group of one loss teams chasing the third and fourth spots (One and Two held firmly by Miss State and Florida State), it all comes down to key games in November. "Elimination Games". Miss State still has a few tests left before they can secure their spot in the playoffs, as do many SEC teams, but Miss State is the only unbeaten left that may be able to afford a loss. That's right, the Bulldogs could sustain a loss in November and still make the playoffs...... Something that other SEC schools don't have in common. 

  Auburn getting a big win over Ole Miss keeps them alive, but elimination games are still ahead. Georgia and Alabama are still on the schedule for the Tigers, and both are away games for the Tigers. Auburn cannot afford a loss in either game if they want to get to the playoffs.

  Alabama faces, perhaps, the most difficult tests in the month of November, and again, they cannot afford a loss. An upcoming road test at LSU will get their November schedule rolling, followed by games with Mississippi State and Auburn. The good news for Alabama? Their toughest games ahead are at home.

  Mississippi State still has some tough games ahead, but as mentioned, I think they can take a loss and still make it as long as they win the SEC Championship. Mississippi State still has Alabama and Ole Miss. Nothing would be sweeter for Ole Miss than to play spoiler for Mississippi State on the last weekend of the regular season. 

   Outside the SEC, there are some teams still very much alive in this hunt for the playoffs. TCU has continued to win and make their push for the top four. Kansas State is on their own run, as well, with their only loss being to Auburn (a game by which Kansas State missed several chances to put Auburn away). TCU and Kansas State square off in Week 11, another Elimination Game for November. 

   Florida State's schedule appears softer in the month of November, but that doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing. FSU continues to flirt with disaster by starting games slow and letting opponents hold an early lead before dominating them in the second half. With Florida gaining some confidence with a dominating win over Georgia, I wouldn't chalk up a win over Florida just yet. What about Miami? Yeah, we know.... Miami has looked rough this season, but like Florida, they appear to playing better football now. Both games are rivalry games, and as the saying goes, "anything can happen in rivalry games". Especially true in what the country saw in the Florida vs Georgia game. Need I remind Florida State fans about what happened when FSU was favored on their own field the last time the Gators came to Tallahassee?  So in other words, EVERY game for FSU (although unbeaten thus far) is an elimination game for them. Unlike Mississippi State, the Seminoles cannot afford a loss in November.

   We have already seen one elimination game take place. Auburn took Ole Miss out of the picture. How far out of the picture is still in question, but for now, it's pretty safe to say they are out. Oregon is another team that can't suffer a loss. The Ducks must win out and win the PAC-12 to have a shot. Their situation is much like FSU, the only difference being FSU is still unbeaten. One could make the argument that Oregon may have the softer schedule between them and FSU, but again, the games have to be played. No game is a given win.

   Michigan State and Ohio State are preparing for their Elimination Game. Ohio State still needs plenty of help, but none of that will matter if they can't take care of the Spartans this week. This game may mean more for Michigan State, as they are looking to get into the playoffs and prove they should've had a shot in 2013. A lot is at stake throughout November..... So many teams fighting for positions that have never been there. This is the dream so many fans have been waiting for.... Teams fighting to get into the first college football playoff. Something many fans never thought we would ever see, but now it has arrived and so far it has lived up to the hype.... And the fun is just beginning.

   This November is shaping up to be the most exciting month of college football that the sport has ever seen. No more counting on a flawed point system and complicated formula. It's all about the wins and the losses. It's as simple as that. While the playoff picture is still pretty foggy, that doesn't mean it won't be done right. Before all the fans jump on "the playoffs need to be expanded to eight teams" wagon, let's see how the four team playoff plays out.  Who knows, you might just like it.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 4; What We Learned.

Week 4 Recap; What We Learned.


   This is the part of the season that starts to make things interesting. Weeks 4 through 6 can be the most telling of a team's character. It happens to be when conference play starts, and when teams are figuring out their identities on both the offense and defense. We can take away a lot from this past week and the next couple weeks..... So drink it in, all of it. Don't leave out a single detail. 

    Alabama vs Florida 
What do we know about Florida? Have they improved? Well, I think the jury is still out on that one. The Gators played tough with Alabama early on, but I am not sure that was because Florida was playing that well. Alabama's careless turnovers helped the Gators keep things close. And when the Tide got rolling, it was game over for the Gators. On the other side of this battle, I think we got what we expected from Alabama. Their defense played solid, maybe because of the Gators' offensive struggles..... The offense is coming together, and I would say that Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban are getting along.... for now. As for BOTH teams, we still just aren't sure what they have, but Alabama is coming together.

    LSU Falls to Mississippi State

Really? I knew LSU wasn't a Top Ten team in pre-season. Mississippi State, are they a Top Ten team? No, but they played well, and they belong in the Top Twenty-Five at this point of the season. LSU just isn't ready for a run this season. As I pointed out earlier, weeks four through six will tell us a lot about a team. The season isn't over for LSU. They can still get some key wins down the road to get back in the SEC West hunt. At this point, however, it seems highly unlikely. And for Mississippi State, they will get their chance to further prove themselves in the SEC West.

   Auburn survives Kansas State

This should've been a tune-up game for Auburn. It didn't turn out that way. Were the Tigers overlooking Kansas State? That may be what some Auburn fans think, but I hope fans and media take notice to this game. Auburn made the plays when they had to make them, but Kansas State is left kicking themselves. There were more than enough chances for Kansas State to put away the Auburn Tigers. Was Auburn exposed? Or was it the road game atmosphere mixed with the mistake of not taking Kansas State seriously?...... Or could it actually be that Auburn or Kansas State aren't who we thought they were to start the season? Again, time will tell.

     Florida State beats Clemson (Without Winston)

This may be the biggest headline of the weekend. Florida State was without Jameis Winston due to suspension for an incident from early last week. What do I keep saying in this week's recap? We learn more about a team in weeks four through six than we do most of the season. This game is a testament to that. Clemson played a very solid game, and had their chances...... But Florida State's defense came up big in big time situations. The Noles' defense is starting to take shape. Let me address some of the critics out there.... Remember when Georgia beat a VERY GOOD Clemson team just a few weeks earlier? Georgia gave up 21 points to the Tigers. Florida State? Only 17. Florida State's defense took a huge step forward. Their defense is starting to look like that defense we saw a year ago. The offense will take shape over the next few weeks. In fact, we saw an offense that was battered most of the game keep fighting, even without Jameis Winston. "Florida State got lucky!" Well, it's like every coach who has ever won or played for a National Championship, "sometimes even the great teams need a little luck." And what do great teams do when their backs are against the walls? They find a way to win. Florida State did that against Clemson. They did it without their best player on offense, and they did it without their best defensive lineman for most of the game. We learned a lot about FSU. They aren't done yet.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jameis Winston Does it Again

Jameis Winston Suspended First Half 


    Jameis Winston is in the negative spotlight yet again. This time for using some obscene language in a public place. The school announced his suspension for the first half against Clemson earlier today. Winston has since apologized in a press conference held at FSU. "I'm not a me person, but my actions were selfish......"

   Jimbo Fisher decided to suspend him for the first half against Clemson..... And Fisher's message should be something that is becoming clearer to Winston. Fisher isn't going to let Winston become bigger than the team. Although, critics argue that Winston has already been extended special treatment. From "Crab Gate" to his incident with a female student at FSU involving sexual assault allegations, Winston has not faced many penalties from the FSU football coach..... Or at least that have been made public anyway.

   The real hope here is that Winston will finally start to understand that he is not bigger than the program. But if he hasn't learned that already from his previous incidents, then it's fair to ask how this situation will end any differently. Winston may not have done something to get him in trouble with the police, this time, but he needs to understand that everything he does will be picked apart by social media and big four letter networks. He needs to understand that leadership doesn't stop when he walks off the football field. 

   Will Winston learn from his mistakes? The jury is still out on that one, but it's safe to say, at this point, that he hasn't yet. Jimbo Fisher has a track record with dealing with big time players. Many fans may remember Greg Reid and all the issues that came along with him. It is important for fans to remember how Reid left FSU. Reid was a very exciting player on the field, but off the field it was another story. Eventually Fisher had no choice but to kick him off the team. Fisher isn't afraid to dish out penalties to his players. He also isn't afraid to give players another chance.... But eventually those chances run out. Reid is a prime example of that. If issues continue to pile up, Winston will be faced with the same ending that Reid had with Florida State. 

   With all the of the issues in the sports world, many fans are still asking "What were you thinking Jameis?!?!". From the issues with Ray Rice and the NFL, to the probing of a person's character off the field. This is a very serious wake up call for college athletes. What these student-athletes do off the field will be held under a microscope by NFL scouts and coaches. Celebrities are held to a different standard than the rest of the population. Everything they do is pumped full of hot air just to sell a news story. There is no defending Winston here. Winston needs to realize that he is being watched 24/7. His decision making may be pretty solid on the field, but off the field? Yep, that's another story. 

   At the end of the day, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher should be praised for trying to put Winston in his place. Coaches and mentors can only do so much.... Eventually, the individual has to take responsibility for their actions. And for Winston, time is running out for him to get it right.